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Skill-UP Program

Skill-up training


  • Individuals obtain Salesforce certifications but are unable to apply these skills due to a lack of business knowledge

  • In the area of Salesforce, the best way to learn is by working in the actual environment


Salesforce is the cloud-based biggest Content Relationship Management (CRM) solution globally.  KindCause.org is using Salesforce as its core, and we provide the last step for volunteers in getting their next job in the Salesforce ecosystem by:

  • Creating a collaboration workspace to help them connect with other certified Salesforce professionals

  • Opportunity to work on real-life Salesforce projects

  • Opportunity to work with the technologies used by Fortune 500 and other growth companies

  • Learn how to help nonprofits adopt the KindX platform, created using Salesforce and a combination of other integrations.