About us

Krish and Anusha, a brother and sister team who were 16 and 14 years old, respectively, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, started the KindCause e-commerce platform for one reason: to give back to the world. They were grateful to live in a beautiful community with nothing to worry about except for having fun. However, not all people are as fortunate, so they built a platform (with some help from Mom and Dad :)), wherein they sell jewelry and other products and distribute 90% of the net profits earned, including 80% to be given to the charity of buyers choice. The bottom line is that the buyers feel good when they buy products on the KindCause e-commerce platform as not only do they have the pleasure of enjoying the goods, but they also feel good as they help someone in need to raise funds for their favorite charity.
The vision was to provide an e-commerce platform to all the charity organizations to continue to do more and achieve their goals to do better for the communities. Further, they also wanted to give tribute to their grandma, who passed away from cancer. We all need kindness – for ourselves, our family, or our friends. People do not always need to donate money or buy things to do kind things. They can do kind things in other ways, too, such as being polite and kind to others and helping others.
With the high pressure and getting to college, the project was paused, with a lot of exciting learning from selling the products, including at the University of Berkeley, California, and other events.
However, due to spending countless hours building up the social portals and working on developing the platform, they realized that they would need to use additional technology to be successful. Further, they came to know that there are a lot of tech companies that are helping nonprofits. However, the nonprofits needed to learn how to make effective use of technology. With this thought, Krish entered the college to study Computer Science.
KindCause, Inc. was registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity to help other nonprofits effectively use the technologies donated to them that typically get unused. At the same time, the original KindCause e-commerce platform was merged along with the new entity.

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