Overcoming Obstacles to Women Voting Can Be Accomplished Via The Internet


Women have had equal voting rights to men across the globe as of 2015, with the exception of the Vatican. This important step in women’s rights occurred as Saudi Arabia became the last country to allow women to vote in 2015. This is tremendous progress since the first country to give women the right to vote was 126 years ago (New Zealand in 1893). 

Now that women across the world can vote, the United Nations (UN) is focusing on other women’s rights issues that are barriers to women voting. In some countries, such as Oman, a woman’s ability to vote is dictated by her husband. Violence against women is another issue preventing women from voting in countries, such as Uganda. 

You can help women overcome these obstacles to voting by advocating for women. One of the best ways to have any cause heard today is the internet. Women’s rights is no exception. Below are two simple ways you can further women’s rights online.

  • Share women’s rights platforms on your social media pages.

Well-known women’s rights platforms, such as HarassMap and Wikigender, help the public learn about women’s rights issues. These sites often have more credibility due to the approval of the organizations among those who follow women’s rights. Because of their reputation, they are more likely to attract new women’s rights followers than a less well-known source.

  • Participate in women’s rights hashtags.

By participating in a hashtag you are helping attract viewers for your social media content and the content of others in the movement. That means the views and experiences of those involved in this movement will get greater exposure because of you.

The popularity of some of the women’s rights hashtags has helped bring attention to women’s rights issues that missed the news. Some of these popular hashtags are #MeToo, #TimesUp, #NiUnaMenos, or #HeForShe.

As a point of caution, make sure you are aware of the meaning of the hashtag before you use it, so your use of the hashtag doesn’t confuse the movement or your intended meaning. 

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